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linking in one direction only?

Oct 30, 2012 at 6:25 PM

I am trying to install Google Chrome on a drive other than their only option, which is C:.  My C drive is a relatively small SSD which I don't want to have constantly written to, and filled up with browser data.

I have been able to get the actual application moved to my E drive, although the application files still remain on C as well.

My real problem is that usage files constantly grow: cache, bookmarks, history etc.  These files are located in the user directory of C and the path is long and windy.  I've tried using mklink in the command prompt but usually land up with some error about its not liking the path.

Using dirlinker and telling it to delete and/or overwrite the files on the target, I was able to create the data, which Google has on C:/users/ etc.  on my E/users etc. according to the link.  However, when I use Chrome, the user files are written to BOTH on C/users/ etc. and on the target E:/users/etc.

Is there a way to ONLY have the user files updated on the target (E) and have the folders stay on C so that Google finds them there - or should they be deleted from the subdirectory folder where the link resides, forward?

Hope this is clear and that someone can help me clarify it further.  Thanks in advance.