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Accidentally deleted files cannot be found


Hello, i'm not overly optimistic that someone who can help is going to read this this year but i hope i'm proven wrong before the end of this week. I tried using this app to create symbolic links. I didn't even know what those are before earlier tonight. This app seemed really promising, making the process easier but along the way something went wrong. Since I wasn't sure what to do I wanted to experimented first so i created copies of two folders with some files. Below the file selection option on the program are the two options:
"If the link location exists
1-Delete it
2-Copy contents to target then delete it
-Overwrite Target Files"

For the purpose of clarification I'll give example folder names. The two folders, Arctic and Antarctica, were located in the Ice Lands folder, which was in Pictures, which was in Documents. I chose "Delete it" thinking it would delete only the files in one of the folders. Instead it deleted all the files in all the folders in documents. Searching through, all the folders are there but they are empty. Hundreds of empty folders.

Checking with Properties, all the folders have as much weight as a freshly created New Folder and looking at the drives from My Computer, there is no loss. The amount of GBs is as if they are there yet they are not to be seen. In tools the hidden files are showing so it's not that. I've tried restoring to a previous point and scanning with a deletion restore programs and the most recent files I intentionally deleted are there but these missing files don't show.

I feel like I'm throwing a message in a bottle in the ocean but I hope someone can help me out here.